(1980, EEUU)
Production Residence / April-May 2019

Equidistance is the result of Daniel Djuro-Goiricelaya´s immersion process in Chiapas-Mexico, specifically in the 'International Residences Program' of Aramauca - Contemporary Art Platform.


The proposal is based on the research that the artist did through interviews with the local public in San Cristobal de Las Casas, about the social and ethnic differences that have become visible since the colonial era and that, thanks to advances in human rights, have has been decreasing over the years. Until a few decades ago it was forbidden for people from certain indigenous communities to walk freely on the sidewalk. The artist takes this situation as a trigger for his production, where the metaphor of parallel lives goes beyond the historical moment, providing a current reflection on individual processes.


The use of natural / vegetable pigments used ancestrally by the communities of the area, such as 'achiote' (red obtained from the Bixa Orellana), were used to print on cotton paper and surgical fabric the textures found on the sidewalks. As a matrix, the floors of the city act as a leading element to generate impressions with the ink of these pigments, in 2 long rolls of fabric of 10 meters each, and more than 45 papers of 1/4 of sheet forming the series called 'Equidistance'.

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