In collaboration with artists from Chiapas and over the world, we create murals with positive messages. These murals serve their communities as constant reminders of the area’s local beauty, ancestral traditions, and overall value in the world.


This generates awareness of our precious, natural surroundings, and encourages locals to care and protect them. This project seeks to impact different places in the urban zone of San Cristobal, ejidos and communities of Chiapas.

If you want to be our sponsor support (providing us with paint to create our murals) please click here.


–  Isaac Davies, Michigan, EEUU.

–  Manuel Rojas Muñoz, Santiago, Chile.

–  Juan Pablo Osuna, CDMX, Mexico.

–  Mariana Romero Sánchez, CDMX, Mexico.

–  Francisco Rodríguez, Tuxtla, Chiapas.